How A Hot Tub Can help With Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is another of those inconvenient modern complaints that can be caused by things such as repetitive use of a keyboard, work or simply carrying heavy shopping too often. It’s characterised by a tingling or numb feeling in the fingers or a shooting pain up the arm caused by the tendons pressing on the nerve where your hand meets your wrist. It can sometimes be difficult to treat as modern working life often involves repetitive movements using a computer, and every young person communicates via some social network or texting on a daily basis.

So, you may be wondering how a hot tub can help alleviate such discomfort and pain but we’ve had a chat with the UK distributors of Arizona tubs, Vita Spa, who have taken the time to outline to us. Well hot tubs are known for their relaxing properties, and using one on a regular basis when suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome can help to relax the tendons and take the pressure off the nerve responsible for the pain. The warm water will help to reduce swelling by releasing any fluid and the massage jets can help to increase the benefit.

A study carried out several years ago found that a soak in a hot tub alternated with a cold compress was as successful at reducing pain as the corticosteroid option usually used by the medical profession.

Gentle wrist exercises when performed in a hot tub can also be very successful in treating both carpel tunnel syndrome and arthritis and can increase mobility in the wrist area. Take a look at some of the options on You Tube for a range of exercises that could benefit you. Doing such exercises under water will support your joints and provide a gentle pain reducing effect enhanced by the heat of the tub.

It’s a great idea to explore alternative treatments, but consult your GP if pain persists and you are not getting the relief you expected.

Are There Health Benefits To Be Had From A Relaxing Spa Holiday?

As far as relaxing holidays go, nothing can beat a spa holiday and whilst you can, of course, choose to visit a UK spa, to get the very most out of your holiday it’s well worth considering travelling abroad to a leading luxury spa. There’s literally tonnes of health benefits to be had from a luxury spa holiday and to outline just a few of these to you, we’ve teamed up with the guys behind the Banyan Tree Spa in Phuket, Thailand!

Above all, when you book and go on a spa holiday, you’ll end up doing very little other than relaxing and receiving relaxation treatments! From massages to sessions in the sauna, you’ll spend day after day looking after yourself, taking it easy and enjoying the peace and quiet. It’s miles away from your usual schedule and routine and you can literally forget all of life’s stresses and worries whilst you’re away! You’ll return feeling a different person, completely chilled out and with a different outlook on life. You’ll realise that you don’t need to let life’s little and insignificant stresses get the better of you and that, after a period of relaxation and the like, you feel so much better in yourself! Stress does you absolutely no good at all and getting yourself worked up over little things you don’t need to won’t do you any wonders at all and will simply end up with you run down and ill!

Secondly, when you’re at the spa, there’s a very good chance that you’ll eat and drink considerably better when you’re at home! You’ll drink far more water and healthier food and, above all even if you don’t fully detox, your body will thank you for it! Simply cutting out rubbish junk food, caffeine and other such baddies for a few weeks will do your body wonders and you’ll certainly thank yourself for it!

Whether you simply fancy a relaxing holiday or feel that life’s stresses and strains are getting to you, a health spa in the likes of Thailand could be just the break you’re looking for and we can almost guarantee that once you return, you’ll feel a completely different person with a whole new lease of life!

How Hot Tubs Can Help Insomniacs

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from insomnia and have done so for many years, then you’ve probably tried every over the counter remedy known to man. You will have most likely been to visit your doctor on many occasions and been prescribed a variety of drugs to help you break the cycle of sleeplessness. I know when I last visited my GP that is what happened. I didn’t feel completely happy with the outcome but when you are desperate for sleep you will try anything. When I got back home I turned on my computer and did a bit of research on the medication I had been given. I was horrified to discover that I could become addicted in as little as five days. Now how is that going to help in the long run? Surely that’s just going to add to the problem when you have to wean yourself off them as well.

A modern approach seems to be going down a more alternative route and the National Sleep Association has begun to recommend the use of hot tubs to help with the problem. As most people know, hot tubs can be a great way of relaxing and after a huge rise in popularity, they are now being recognised for their many beneficial properties. By using a hot tub for around 15 minutes or so before going to bed, it has been discovered that insomnia can be relieved for many sufferers. Now that’s not to say it will work for everyone but the signs are that this method can be successful for many and any form of treatment that doesn’t involve the use of drugs must surely be a bonus. So, just give it a go as you have nothing to lose but much to gain and it may turn out to be just the treatment for you.

This guest post came courtesy of the team over at Vita Spa UK, importers of the fantastic range of hot tubs from Arizona, USA!

The Importance Of Kids Eating Healthily

This is more one for those parents out there, however it’s something which all readers should take on board to a certain extent! When it comes to meals at home; do you find yourself reaching for the takeaway menu more often than you should or do you consider yourself a Jamie Oliver or a Delia Smith in the kitchen? It’s absolutely vital that you eat healthily when possible and even more so at this time of the year when it’s cold outside and there’s bugs going round! As a family, you need to ensure that both you and your kids stay healthy and well over the winter months and it’s amazing how much a good diet can do towards fending off unwanted colds and coughs!

Where we see many people’s downfall, however, is that they simply can’t be bothered to cook or don’t think they have time! Believe it or not, however, you can actually cook a meal yourself for far cheaper than you’d pay for a microwaveable meal or a ready packaged meal and it’s far better for you! Cooking yourself from scratch means you can use completely natural ingredients and ensure you’ve ditched all the additives and preservatives which come in with pre-packaged food. It’s a fantastic way to make sure you and your family eat healthily and have a balanced diet … as this way you know exactly what you’re eating!

In terms of overcoming the fact that many people feel they don’t have time to cook, however, our suggestion is to put together a menu planner alongside your kids and make sure you stick to it! If you plan the meals you’re going to eat at the weekend for the week ahead, you can make sure you buy the ingredients when you go shopping to make sure everything is in the cupboards! From then on, it’s a case of having a look online or in your favourite recipe book for a number of family recipe ideas which everyone likes the look of!

More than anything; involve your kids in planning healthy meals and make sure you’ve got everything in the cupboards in advance and you’ll surprise yourself just how easy and quick it is to eat healthily! In addition, you’ll also find you feel great in the colder month’s and manage to keep away many of the colds and coughs other people have!

Been Involved In An Accident?

If you’ve had the unfortunate event of being involved in an accident, you quite rightly so may be going through a tough time. The aftermath of an accident, however serious, can take its toll on people in different ways but the main thing to remember is that you’re NOT alone and that there IS people here to help! From friends and family to your local NHS trust; there’s always someone there who can help you get back on your feet, back behind the wheel or in a mentally better position.

First things first; however minor you may think your accident has been; get yourself to the hospital and have yourself checked out! Injuries aren’t always visible and often complaints can occur later in time following an accident which you didn’t think was serious. Whether you’ve been involved in a car accident, had a slip or trip or been on the receiving end of a workplace accident, take the trip to your local hospital or GP surgery and get the OK from a health professional.

Once you know the extent of your injuries; don’t be afraid to speak with someone! Whether you speak with a professional councilor who can help you get over the incident or simply speak at length with friends and family; don’t be afraid to speak out and never bottle things up inside! In fact, it’s the worst thing you can do. In many instances, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you may very well be entitled to claim accident compensation. Get in touch with a company such as who specialise in such claims and have a chat with them about what you may be entitled to! Many such solicitors work on a no win no fee basis which means you won’t pay a penny unless you’re successful!

Above all; never forget that there’s people around you to help! Speaking with people is the best way to recover from an accident so never be afraid to do it!

Money Spent on Healthcare and Disease Eradication [Infographic]

Should You Be Using Supplements As Part Of A Training Regime?

When it comes to setting and meeting goals for physical training, be it simply in an attempt to get fit or in order to take part and succeed in a race or event, you need to put together a training regime and stick to it. As part of a training plan, however, many wonder whether or not they should be using bodybuilding supplements as part of this in order to get the very most out of each training session. We spoke with Simon James of Muscle Force Supplements, a leading UK retailer and producer of a wide range of supplements, about the use of supplements and whether or not they come recommended for use as part of a training plan.

In short, stated James, “supplements should be utilised to some extent by anyone looking to improve their strength, stamina or overall fitness levels. There’s such a wide range of supplements on sale, both through ourselves and other retailers, for a whole range of uses and, as such, there really is a supplement suitable for everyone’s individual needs and requirements.”

With this in mind, it’s an absolute no brainer as to whether or not you should be using supplements as part of a training regime. Of course, it’s not essential that you use them,  however doing so ensures you get the very most out of each and every training session you undertake. Be sure to spend time researching the most suitable supplements for your needs and, if unsure, contact a professional such as Simon at Muscle Force Supplements who will be more than happy to chat you through the most suitable supplements for your needs and go through what supplements work for different parts of a training programme.

Above all, using supplements can enhance your training sessions to make sure you get the most out of them. At least take a look into whats on offer and see if they can fit into your current training regime.

Gain A Healthier Body Through Playing Golf

Let’s face it, we could all do with improving our health – even those who already consider themselves to lead a fit and active life, and although you may not have given it any serious thought, taking up golf could be just the thing.

As the average golf course provides up to 4km of walking, then it can be extremely beneficial to your heart. Add to this all the pulling and carrying of your clubs, then it can give you an all round work-out at the same time. If you are trying to loose weight, it can give your weight loss a huge boost as you burn extra calories and tone up your muscles. Stress can also be reduced, due to not only the physical exercise but the sheer pleasure of being in an open-air environment and a countryside setting.

One way of enjoying golf would be to take a Sandy Lane Barbados golf resort holiday. Sandy Lane Barbados is home to some of the world’s best golf courses and has been a favourite of the rich and famous for many years. It boasts three superb courses. The Old Nine, The Country Club and world famous Green Monkey which has been carved from an old stone quarry and is exclusive to Sandy Lane guests.

The Old Nine, which was constructed in 1961 is a favourite for many guests and is described as “intimate yet demanding” due to its small greens and tight fairways. The Country Club has been called a “golfers paradise” due to its five lakes and its breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea. In 2006 the Barbados World Cup took place here. The Clubhouse has a range of modern amenities and is luxurious in style making it perfect for relaxing after your game.

The famous Green Monkey course, designed in an old limestone quarry features dramatic exposed rock faces which contrast with the rolling greens of the fairways. The perfect setting for getting all the exercise you need along with the necessary relaxation for a fit and healthy body.