• Hate Your Smile? Ever Considered Adult Orthodontic Treatment?
    Posted in: Orthodontics

    For many adults across the UK, their smile is something which they despise, usually because of crowded or crooked teeth. Whilst many teenagers decide to have orthodontic treatment earlier on, many decline treatment simply due to the fact that they’re not so keen on wearing braces for a couple of years when going through school. [...]

  • How Your Health Could Benefit From You Owning A Hot Tub This Summer
    Posted in: Health

    The summer months are when you can make the most of your garden, but sunbathing on your lawn day after day may get a bit boring whilst you are at home. Not only this, but these months are when you want to look your best, especially if you are going on holiday and there may [...]

  • Are The Healthcare Needs Of The British Public Evolving?
    Posted in: Health

    As far as many of us are concerned, the NHS is our healthcare system and that is that. We often take for granted just how much we are offered, either free of charge or at a very low and subsidised cost through the National Health Service and forget that, in the majority of countries, healthcare [...]

  • 247 Professional Health – The UK’s Leading Nursing Franchise?
    Posted in: Health

    When it comes to entering the healthcare industry as a businessman or woman, you need to understand how competitive an industry it is! There’s significant numbers of already established businesses and brands who each own a hefty market share and it’s very difficult for newcomers to break through and attract attention in what could already [...]

  • A Look At Patient Needs & Requirements From An Online Pharmacy
    Posted in: Medical

    In recent years, we’ve seen a whole host of online pharmacies pop up here, there and everywhere…some, of course, offering a better level of service and products than others. Just last month, we heard that another leading pharmacy chain had taken themselves online (Medicx Online Pharmacy) in an attempt to offer a wide range of [...]

  • How A Hot Tub Can help With Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
    Posted in: Health

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is another of those inconvenient modern complaints that can be caused by things such as repetitive use of a keyboard, work or simply carrying heavy shopping too often. It’s characterised by a tingling or numb feeling in the fingers or a shooting pain up the arm caused by the tendons pressing on [...]

  • Are There Health Benefits To Be Had From A Relaxing Spa Holiday?
    Posted in: Health

    As far as relaxing holidays go, nothing can beat a spa holiday and whilst you can, of course, choose to visit a UK spa, to get the very most out of your holiday it’s well worth considering travelling abroad to a leading luxury spa. There’s literally tonnes of health benefits to be had from a [...]

  • Can Hot Tubs Help You If You’ve Got Insomnia?
    Posted in: Sleep

    If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from insomnia and have done so for many years, then you’ve probably tried every over the counter remedy known to man. You will have most likely been to visit your doctor on many occasions and been prescribed a variety of drugs to help you break the cycle of [...]

  • The Importance Of Kids Eating Healthily
    Posted in: Health

    This is more one for those parents out there, however it’s something which all readers should take on board to a certain extent! When it comes to meals at home; do you find yourself reaching for the takeaway menu more often than you should or do you consider yourself a Jamie Oliver or a Delia [...]

  • Been Involved In An Accident?
    Posted in: Health

    If you’ve had the unfortunate event of being involved in an accident, you quite rightly so may be going through a tough time. The aftermath of an accident, however serious, can take its toll on people in different ways but the main thing to remember is that you’re NOT alone and that there IS people [...]